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Vegetation Management

  • Cost-effective and environmentally sustainable vegetation management and other utility-related services.
  • Working for Newfoundland utilities and communication providers in clearing new and maintaining existing right-of-way’s.


  • Utilizing aerial device and tree climbing techniques to achieve our client requirements.
  • In doing so we are able to maintain and limit the growth of trees and other vegetation based on intervention plans.


BlackStar’s skilled tree cutting crews utilize both mechanical and manual techniques in providing this service.

Mechanical operations utilize:

  • Feller Buncher
  • Forwarder
  • Skidder
  • Processor / Harvester
  • Excavator Mulchers

Tree cutting services is based on the needs expressed by the client in a structured plan for protecting existing infrastructure.


  • Mechanical process of removing tree stumps if necessary after clearing or removal trees.
  • Our 7.5, 24 and 25 Ton Excavators are equipped with excavating and clearing buckets and root rakes.
  • Additional Tractor Trailer, Tilt Deck carriers, Bull Dozers and Dump Truck equipment support our grubbing capabilities.

Weather Emergencies

BlackStar Solutions Inc. is the most effective company to mobilize manpower and equipment in areas affected by the bad weather in order to restore the public services to users as quickly as possible.